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Larry Taylor

Larry Taylor

Larry has had the wonderful opportunity of living in many locations, some quite exotic! He has lived in Memphis, TN, New Orleans, LA, Phoenix, AZ, Orlando, FL, Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Kuwait City, Kuwait, Ryaid, Saudi Arabia, Houston, TX, Singapore, London, England, Los Angeles, CA, Washington, D.C., Myrtle Beach, SC, and finally Gainesville, FL.

You might be wondering what took him to all these places. Would you believe business opportunities as a result of a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering? He excels at relating to all kinds of people with many varied personalities. As a result, he has had quite a career in “Business Development”, also commonly known as “selling”.


“I wanted to express my appreciation for the great work that Larry did. I am thankful for his consummate professionalism, his understanding of how a house had to feel right, his patience, his wise answers to our questions, and his great good humor. I would happily recommend both Larry and Bosshardt to any of my acquaintance who were in the market for a home.”

— Lisa Finch